Hampton Court

Happy and sunny times in May at Hampton Court, royal residence near London.



sunglasses: Beyond Retro, blouse: Zara, jeans: Topshop, shoes: Zara, bag: Zara

Red Leopard

Finally I got my new sandals which I ordered from Zara and I am in love with them!



flat sandals: Zara, nail polish: Chanel No.159

Statement Jewellery

After successfully clearing out my wardrobe for two days (!) everything is very nice and tidy now. I also found some things that I had forgotten about. For example a pair of wonderful statement earrings which I wore for my graduation ball from school three years ago. So unexpectedly I have a “new” pair of high quality and beautiful earrings, how cool is that?!

I created two outfits, one casual and one for going-out. Just to show how jewellery can be worn at any time of the day. In my opinion jewellery should never be for only one certain occasion. Why should we spend a lot of money and then only wear the piece once a year?




earrings: Poggio Paris



jeans: Levi’s, stone washed t-shirt: Gap, yellow leather bag: H&M, leather shoes: Zara



light purple, backless dress: Zara, leather clutch: COS, leather high heels: Buffalo


I enjoyed this weekend in Munich a lot. My outfit for the day, as seen in the pictures, converted into a “going out outfit” at night by just changing the shoes and the bag!





denim jacket: Gap, sleeveless blouse with floral print: Pull&Bear, high waist jeans: Topshop, ankle bracelet: Accessorize, bag: Zara, silver sandals: Forever 21, nail polish: MUA

Pastel Nail Polish

After doing garden work at our house in the countryside all day I drove back to Hamburg and had to stop at a field for the beautiful sunset! Relaxing on the balcony with a homemade lemonade now I am getting excited about going to Munich tomorrow.

I love pastel nail polish at the moment and today I am wearing a very pale mint green nail polish from MUA (colour: Pistachio Ice Cream) together with rose gold rings from New Look and my new oversize cardigan in coral from Asos. Another pastel colour I like  is yellow, try nr.26 “Yellow Mellow” from Max Factor.






London Retrospect

Although I have been back in Germany for over a week now it still feels strange that I will never go back into my apartment in Camden or back to London Met University. Nevertheless it’s nice to be back home even though I haven’t got used to it now. In the next few weeks I am travelling to Munich and to Amsterdam to visit friends that I made in London and I am really looking forward to that!

Feeling a little heartache for London I just wanted to post some pictures that I made during the last five months…


IMG_7107 IMG_7281 Bild 3IMG_7187  Bild 5

Lunatic Festival

As last year I went to the Lunatic festival this weekend. It takes place in charming Lüneburg which is about an hour from Hamburg and the city where I study. We had a lot of fun and the weather was just fabulous and sunny! Here’s my outfit from today…


IMG_0024 IMG_0014 IMG_0029 IMG_0026

Photography by Louisa Wettwer

kimono jacket: seen at TK Maxx, top: Zara, shorts: American Eagle, sunglasses: Beyond Retro, necklace: Milky Star, ankle bracelet: Accessorize, green bangle: from market in Rome

Men’s Editorial: Floral Prints

A few weeks ago I had an assignment to hand in for my Styling & Journalism module at uni. Part of that assignment was to style an editorial shoot and of course for me the shooting was the most fun part. Especially because my friend Felix who had never modeled before did such a good job!!! I chose the area around Waterloo for the shoot. So here are some of the pictures of that day and the looks I styled…

Visit Johanna Payton’s blog who was the fab leader of the module!



backpack: Herschel (seen at Urban Outfitters), shorts: H&M, jumper/shoes/jewellery: models own



bow tie and pocket square: Topman, shorts: H&M, shoes: Topman, shirt/watch: models own


shirt: Topman, shorts: H&M, shoes/jewellery: models own


tanktop: Pull&Bear, shoes/jeans/jewellery: models own


Hamburg – Home Sweet Home

Arriving back in Hamburg after half a year felt nice, exciting and awkward all at once. Though I must say that our flight over the city with sunshine and a clear blue sky showed me how beautiful my hometown is. After meeting friends and family in the last two days I found some time to put up this new post of my casual outfit for today. I thought about wearing a dress because the weather is really nice today but due to the fact that I am riding my bike again (finally, I missed it a lot!!!) I decided to wear something more practical…


denim jacket: Gap, scarf: from turkish bazaar in Istanbul, long sleeve shirt: Gap, necklace: Milky Star, shoes: Zara, Jeans: Topshop, ankle bracelet: Accessorize