Statement Jewellery

After successfully clearing out my wardrobe for two days (!) everything is very nice and tidy now. I also found some things that I had forgotten about. For example a pair of wonderful statement earrings which I wore for my graduation ball from school three years ago. So unexpectedly I have a “new” pair of high quality and beautiful earrings, how cool is that?!

I created two outfits, one casual and one for going-out. Just to show how jewellery can be worn at any time of the day. In my opinion jewellery should never be for only one certain occasion. Why should we spend a lot of money and then only wear the piece once a year?




earrings: Poggio Paris



jeans: Levi’s, stone washed t-shirt: Gap, yellow leather bag: H&M, leather shoes: Zara



light purple, backless dress: Zara, leather clutch: COS, leather high heels: Buffalo

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